Music Class

Music is a part of our life and it is the best way to enhance the inner-most strength of a person. A child grows stronger mentally with the help of good music

We teach them to QUESTION before giving them the answer. Knowing Why, What, How, Where, Who, When – is more important for any child.

We do not want a close door teaching where the information is limited. We take the children for a field trip to explore more and become an experienced person in life.

Exams and Marks are to evaluate children about their core strength so that we can groom them as per their capability. We teach to face every exams without fear and give their best every time.

Play As You Learn

English Camp

Advance English is taught in our school along with the regular syllabus to provide a strong foundation.

Sports Camp

We have sports and games in the school to make the children stronger physically and also to learn the value of Team Work.

Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Painting enhances the power of understanding and helps in relaxation of brain, which is essential for these busy developing minds.


We focus on every child as per their strength and weakness so that everyone has their own uniqueness and personality as they grow up.

Quize Camp

Quize helps children to study, learn and remember their day to day subjects with fun and a sense of competition that provides them a boot to do better each time.

Sing & Dance

Singing & Dancing is also a focused subject to groom every child as a normal human  being.

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Our Staffs



He has a burden to take this school to the highest, he has a great personality.



She is an amazing person, kind, co-operative and understanding

Mission & Vision

The Vision

Modern School aims to build a community of confident, global leaders with social conscience and national pride, committed to excellence and continuous learning.

The Mission

  • Strive for excellence in Academics, Sports, Creative pursuits and Skills.
  • To provide the best infrastructure and technology in emerging fields of study and knowledge.
  • To constantly raise our bench marks to integrate our culture & heritage with the best Education in the world.
  • To provide the best facilities and training to our teachers.
  • To promote core human values and practice inclusivity and service through academic and socially relevant programmes, engaging all stakeholders.