Active Learning

We teach them to QUESTION before giving them the answer. Knowing Why, What, How, Where, Who, When – is more important for any child.

Group Activity

Students are encouraged to perform group activities to understand the benefit of Team Work & Friendship.

Fearless Exams

Exams and Marks are to evaluate children about their core strength so that we can groom them as per their capability. We teach to face every exams without fear and give their best every time.

Activities for Children

Community Service

Service activities at our school are an integral part of its curriculum. The are encouraged to extend the gift of time and labour for the betterment of the society. It is mandatory for each student to perform seven hours of service in an academic year. The objective of community service is to introduce students, face-to-face, with the plight of those in need. It also teaches them that no occupation is superior or inferior, therefore, all jobs should be respected equally.

Arts & Craft

The Art department at our school is a lively, exciting, and invigorating place where pupils experience a wide range of artwork and materials through a curriculum that is fresh and stimulating. Housed in ample natural light, pupils gain experience in drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics through the study of both historic and contemporary art practice.

Music Unplugged


MUSIC Department at our school aims at making its students efficient and outstanding musicians.The girls and boys are exposed to a variety of cultural programmes, Inter-House and Inter -School,District level, State level Competitions and various Stage Performances throughout the academic session.

Field Trip

“I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide, the condition in which they can learn.”- Albert Einstein Going on an educational trip means more than simply leaving the school grounds. Educational trips always have a major educational element, but the impact of Educational trips can extend much further. The importance of such trips includes giving girls a chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy their time away from the classroom.

Our Statistics


School Experience

Rahul Jack & Jill School is located in Khoyrasole, Birbhum. It is a Other Board school, with a team of 8 dedicated and professional faculties, which are here to ensure that the children get the most from their education.

In 2014, Rahul Jack & Jill School was launched. This school’s primary medium of instruction is English and the student teacher ratio is 8:1. The school takes pride of its excellent teaching methodology.

This school runs classes from 1 to 5 to provide education to students. This school’s student strength is approximately 64.

The school has given exceptional results in the academic sphere and its students have excelled in extra co-curricular activities too. This is one and only CBSE English medium school at khayrasole block.

Our Founder’s vision is to establish a school which would combine the traditions of Indian education with modern educational techniques and foster an all-round growth of a child.
If Indians were to discharge their civic responsibilities created by changing political conditions, in both civil and military spheres of national life, the younger generation must be provided with a better system of education, where physical, mental and spiritual faculties might have the fullest scope for development.

The identity of the institution is embedded in the Crest. The School Crest signifies the circle of eternity marked by the three elements in human development of body, mind and spirit. The crest is the representation of the ideologies the school stands for the “LIGHT OF WISDOM”

Besides the school motto, there are four words, Truthfulness, Unselfishness, Frankness and Self-Control which guide each child in his/her daily life. The crest speaks volumes of the holy portals of this great institution.

The Vision

Modern School aims to build a community of confident, global leaders with social conscience and national pride, committed to excellence and continuous learning.

The Mission

  • Strive for excellence in Academics, Sports, Creative pursuits and Skills.
  • To provide the best infrastructure and technology in emerging fields of study and knowledge.
  • To constantly raise our bench marks to integrate our culture & heritage with the best Education in the world.
  • To provide the best facilities and training to our teachers.
  • To promote core human values and practice inclusivity and service through academic and socially relevant programmes, engaging all stakeholders.

Our Staff



He has a burden to take this school to the highest, he has a great personality.



She is an amazing person, kind, co-operative and understanding.